OGI Kenya

"A dynamic and inclusive institution that foster the realization and safeguard of human and social-economic rights. "

OGI Kenya

OGI is a non-profit company that was officially incorporated in 2019 to advance the realization of human and social-economic rights through responsive budgets and effective governance systems and processes.

What We Do

We generate evidence data to inform democratic and governance reforms, build the capacity of reform champions, and enhance partnerships and collaborations to leverage synergies and collective action.

Research, Innovation & Learning

We research and innovate governance and public finance practices through experiment and testing. Our aim is to generate new and innovative.....

Capacity Building and Advocacy

We offer training on various aspects of PFM and governance in our efforts to build a community practice. In to foster collaboration and.....

Public Finance and Governance

A responsive public service that is accessible and that deliver a strong enabling environment for business and support the realization of social and economic rights and freedoms is anchored on transparent, equitable and accountable management of public finances through effective and efficient governance systems.

Effective PFM and governance systems are adaptive with keen interest on better outcomes, thus, must respect the principles of fiscal discipline, legitimacy, predictability, transparency, and accountability. Under this program area, our work is focused on Open and responsive public budgets and policies, Healthy Public Audits, and Return in value from Tax Revenues. 

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July 22, 2019
Open Governace Institute
Open governance, Our Stories

OGP Co-creation in Kenya have great complementary lessons for Kenya’s Big Four

Recently, Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration launch big-four plan to transform Kenya. The four agenda of food security; affordable housing and healthcare and; manufacturing which aim at advancing the gains […]

Our touching Stories

Albert Bwambok, Budget Champion, Nandi County. Until recently, I have, in the past, presumed that the budget and the budget making process …

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