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Elgeyo’s OGP Vision for Healthcare | The Story of Chelagat

Chelagat, is a farmer and a mother of four children, a boy and three girls. Her farming is the main economic activity from which she provides for her family and pay her kids’ school fees. She needs to spend much time looking after her dairy cows, crops and to look for markets for her farm produce. For medical needs, she usually visits either the Dispensary or the Health Centre closest to her home. Her children were born in the Sub-county hospital. Her family is mostly healthy, except for her youngest child who falls sick often, for no specific reason thus, her access to healthcare is paramount. She has little spare time, and even little extra cash to spend on non-essentials.

So, how exactly will Elgeyo Marakwet county’s vision help Chelagat and fellow wananchi to meet both healthcare needs affordably without inconveniencing their participation in economic activities? Our team at OGI Kenya have put together some ideas to better explain the county’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) Local commitments for healthcare.

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