Our Work

Innovation and Learning

We innovate governance and public finance practices through experimentation of new and innovative ideas to respond to dynamism in the PFM environment. Decentralization reforms have gained momentum in recent years across the world, yet, results have been mixed. Kenya followed suit following the promulgation of its constitution 2010 when Kenyans endorsed a devolved system of governance. While decentralization of governments is driven by varied reasons, the fundamental expectation of citizens is meaningful opportunities to shape and influence public decisions to align with community needs and preference; greater accountability, and transparency in the management of public resources as well as proximity to governments and responsiveness of public services. Notable progress has been made to open up governance systems, and complemented by stronger PFM laws, yet, results are far from delivering on the promise of Kenya’s devolution, implying that conventional models assumed to propel realization of its objects are not working as desired.

Because of this reason, we want to learn and reflect on our practices and experiences and, innovate by testing and experimenting on new and creative approaches to invigorate ongoing reforms.