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Open and Responsive Budgets and Policies

Our Goal

Responsive, Equitable, and Inclusive Budgets and Policies

Budgets are important instruments of power

Public budgets are the means in which government raise, allocate and spend public resources. Thus, budgets are among the primary functions and policy instruments that governments use to convert political promises, policy commitments and strategic plans into public goods and services. 

As essential as they are, budgets are prone to misappropriation and mismanagement, thus, the process in which budgets are produced as well its contents must be open and aligned to community needs and preferences.

Informed participation is necessary for responsive and equitable budgets

Our research, analysis and dissemination of budget information aims to strengthen the capacity of governments to formulate and present public budgets in a manner that is accessible, usable and understandable. Sustainably, we endeavour to strengthen capacity of communities to analyze and use budget information to inform their participation while also strengthening partnerships and collaborations that support learning, unlearning and relearning of practices. 

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