About Us

Our Belief

We are inspired by the principle that accessible, quality and responsive public services are a constitutional right – under the Bill of Rights Chapter and related provisions of the Constitution– and, a result of good practice of open governments whose realization is a shared responsibility of citizens and governments. This informs our partnerships and collaborations.

Our partnerships with stakeholders within and outside the government are inspired by shared passion and desire for responsive public service delivery. To deliver on our mission, we work with community organizations and public finance institutions to promote accountable and responsive budgets and policy priorities across our thematic areas.

1. Transparent, accountable, and accessible budgets are at the core of our collective efforts to align budget and policy priorities closer to citizen’s needs. Working with government organs, we promote the formulation of responsive budgets, foster access to budget information by supporting budget presentation, and simplification to increase stakeholder engagement and interaction.

2. We work with organized groups of farmers to promote improved household income, foster job creation as well as food security. Our engagement with this segment is informed by farmer needs that are critical to strengthening agricultural productivity as assessed from time-to-time, however, cross-cutting areas include quality and accessible extension services; post-harvest management; value addition and; market accessibility.

3. In efforts to ensure sustainable access to water resources, we work with water-user associations to strengthen the protection of water catchment including forests, wetlands, and management of related natural resources.

4. We Civil Society, Community Groups, Parents Associations, and Educational Institutions to shape Education services and outcomes. Our focus in the long-term is to advance the alignment of vocation training to current labor market demands.