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ParticiPolicy Chat

Public disclosure underpins transparency and public accountability on various subjects of public interest. Mainstream print and digital media are ordinarily considered the main source for citizens’ updates and information – from current global, national, and local affairs; political discourses, and; relevant emerging issues. Kenya’s media has been granted a substantive amount of freedom through the constitution of 2010 to perform this role. While media has substantially covered public finance and governance-related matters, this coverage has been relatively reactive in nature and most cases, lacks the necessary objectivity, sustainability, and vigor. It is on this basis that, OGI  is running ParticiPolicy Chat, a YouTube channel to foster public discussions on current affairs, particularly on public finance, governance, and relevant political analysis to augment offline deliberative platforms. We host trained budget and policy experts to discuss, contextualize, and provide alternative viewpoints on current affairs, budgets, and policy priorities.