Partnerships & Collaborations

Our partnerships with stakeholders within and outside government is inspired by shared passion and desire for better public service delivery. To deliver on our mission, we aim to work with community organizations and public finance institutions to promote accountable budgets and policy priorities in the following areas of interest:

1. Transparent, accountable and accessible budgets are at the core of our collective efforts to align budget and policy priorities closer to citizen’s needs. Working with government organs charged with formulation, execution and evaluating budgets and policies, we promote budget information access to and presentation of enabling information for informed civic engagement.

2. With organized farmers, we endeavor to promote improved household income, job creation and food security by advocating for quality and accessible extension services; post-harvest management; value addition and; market accessibility to cultivate agricultural productivity.

3. Our engagement with water-user associations aims at strengthening household access to improved source of water by strengthening community efforts to advocate for preservation and sustainable use of water resources and catchments such as forests, wetlands and management of related natural resources.

4. We aim to strengthen delivery of Early Child Childhood Development (ECDE) service by working with education advocacy Civil Society, Community Groups, Parents Associations and Educational Institutions to shape education and related enabling programs to address key services needs for children while advancing alignment of vocation trainings to current labor market demands.