OGI Kenya

the 3rd Generation Revenue Sharing formula

Memo: Analysis and recommendations on the 3rd Generation Revenue Sharing formula




The proposed third generation formula is comparatively measurable and a demonstration of greater
efforts towards transparent and equitable criteria for sharing resources among county governments.
The effort by the revenue sharing commission is a step forward towards making the formula more
legitimate. CRA deserves slap on the back for its radical approach to adopt a more direct approach to
better align the 3rd generation formula to county functions and service delivery needs.


In this submission, we acknowledged and applauded the commission’s efforts for the notable progress made towards aligning the revenue sharing to functions in line with the principle that resources follow functions. Then made a presentation of in-depth analysis of the proposed formula, comments and notable issues of concerns.

Greater details can be found form the submission here: OGI Kenya_Input and Comment to COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Draft Regulations