OGI Kenya


The DOR (National Assembly Bill No. 3 of 2020)




In response to invitation for submissions regarding the Division of Revenue Bill 2020, OGI Kenya made a submission with comments and input on the bill.  


In our submission, we made the following arguments:

  1. The basis for freezing county revenue growth in 2020/21 is contradictory. In part of the bill, the revenue is projected to increase while revenue underperformance is given as a reason to retain the share of revenue going to counties;
  2. At the minimum county government should have the ability to meet their statutory obligations under the fourth schedule of the constitution. The bill should take into account inflations and statutory annual salary increment;
  3. We recommended that National government should bear the cost for medical leasing equipment. This will reduce the pressure on the revenue share going to counties. 

Greater details can be found form the submission here: OGI Kenya_Input and Comment to COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Draft Regulations

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