OGI Kenya

Research, Innovation & Learning​

We encourage and support evidence-based advocacy and engagement to foster rationality and objectivity in democratic and governance reforms in Kenya.

Research, Innovation & Learning​

Decentralization reforms have gained momentum in recent years across the world, yet, results have been mixed. In 2010 when Kenyans endorsed a devolved system of governance with the fundamental expectation of citizens being a meaningful opportunity to shape and influence public decisions to align with community needs and preference. Notable progress has been made to open up governance systems, and complemented by stronger PFM laws, yet, results are far from delivering on the promise of Kenya’s devolution, implying that conventional models assumed to propel realization of its objects are not working as desired. 

Because of this reason, we encourage and support evidence-based advocacy and engagement among PFM and governance practitioners in efforts to foster rationality and objectivity in budget and policy priority setting, implementation, and evaluation for impact.

Research, Innovation & Learning​

As governments and citizens endeavor to make trade-offs between competing interests and align priorities to community needs, we support these democratic practices by generating new ideas to reinvigorate existing democratic governance process to produce better outcomes. It is for this purpose that we research budgets, policies and the processes and experiment and text new models of democratic and participatory governance to generate new knowledge to support practice.

Recent works and results

A PB pilot with farmers in
Elgeyo Marakwet County


Through this experiment, we collaborated with the Marakwet Highland Farmers Association to train 20 budget facilitators drawn from five wards in the highland of Marakwet West and Marakwet East sub-counties i.e., Kapyego, Lelan, Sengwer and Charang’any/Chebororwa. 

Action Plan Co-Creation


We engaged 120 participants through the co-creation process and 75% of all government departments through a series of listening tours – community listening tours across the county sub-counties and listening involving governments officials. 

Open Covid-19 Recovery

The national treasury invited the public to provide input to the PFM Regulations that established the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund (ERF). This was commendable of National Treasury. Learn More

Our other work