Youth Agenda

Nandi Youths Memorandum to the County Assembly Timely & Vital

“We are pleased with the decision by the young people of Nandi and especially the over 120 budget champions who are analyzing the budget, asking latent questions in regards to allocations that matter to them and seeking the county Assembly’s intervention through the memorandum. We have offered them technical support and we will continue to do so in our quest for open governance and also ensure they achieve their aspirations.”

Address the perennial budget discrimination! Nandi Youths submit a Memo to County Assembly.

To address the injustice, a group of over 120 passionate young people from Nandi endeavored to change the status quo. With the technical support of the Open Governance Institute (OGI), the youth of Nandi County drafted and submitted a memorandum containing Alternative Budget Proposals on for consideration by their elected representatives in the County Assembly on 26th May 2022. The contained proposals aim to address among others, the social and economic needs of young people in Nandi County, foster transparency and accountability, and strengthen the participation of citizens in matters of interest to them.