What We Do

Innovation & Creativity

We innovate governance and public finance practices through experimentation of new and innovative ideas to respond to dynamism in PFM environment.

Decentralization reforms have gained momentum in recent years across the world, yet, results have been mixed. Kenya followed suit following promulgation of its constitution 2010 when Kenyans endorsed devolved system of governance. While decentralization of governments is driven by varied reasons, the fundamental expectation of citizens is meaningful civic engagements; greater accountability, transparency and responsiveness of local governments, thus, making public service delivery more efficient. Notable progress has been made to open up governance systems and complemented by stronger PFM laws, yet, results are far from delivering on the promise of Kenya’s devolution, implying that conventional models assumed to propel realization of its objects are not working as desired. Because of this reason, we want to learn and reflect on our practices and experiences and, innovate by testing and experimenting on new and creative approaches to invigorate ongoing reforms.

Research & Advocacy

We provide evidence data for advocacy and civic engagement.

OGI encourages evidenced-driven engagement between state and non-state actors in effort to foster rational and objective budget and policy priority setting, implementation and evaluation for impact. As governments and citizens endeavor to make trade-offs between competing interests, there is need for decisions to be based on data, justifications and reasons so as to closely align budget and policy priorities to citizens’ need. OGI endeavors to strengthen the decision-making ecosystem by generating relevant and necessary data and information. Our research is primarily targeted and informed by the information needs of our public finance and governance stakeholders.

Training & Development

We train and develop budget analysis and advocacy strategy capacity of our stakeholders.

Capacity and knowledge of civil society and citizens is critical in efforts to advocate for improvements in public service. We develop capacity and facilitate our target constituents to understand and effectively identify opportunities for influencing budgets and policy priorities across the decision-making ecosystem through training on budget analysis and advocacy skills, civic education and PFM laws.


We provide alternative outlets for budget and relevant public information.

Print and digital media is ordinarily considered the main source of information for citizens – from current global, national and local affairs; political discourses and; emerging issues. Kenya’s media has been granted substantive amount of freedom through the constitution 2010, however, while media has substantially covered public finance and governance related issues, this coverage has been relatively reactive in nature and in most cases, lacks objectivity. The media has failed to provide the public with facts and correct positions on matters affecting their daily lives. In response, we create online platforms using our YouTube channel and Twitter for discussions on current affairs, particularly on public finance, governance and relevant political analysis to augment offline deliberative platforms. We host trained budget facilitators and experts to discuss, dissect and provide alternative viewpoints on current affairs and; budgets and policy priorities.